2002-02-11 - 11:04 a.m.

when i was in 8th grade, i started wearing those big pants. you know, those pants that the skater/raver/etc crowd used to be associated with. not that i know how to skateboard or go to raves (i've been to just one, and that is during my ongoing moderatepants phase of an ever evolving pants-filled daresay even pantsy lifetime). it was just a thing that i did because i thought it was aesthetically pleasing (i.e., looked cool).

my mom called them "street sweepers" because she liked to ask me if i was cleaning the streets.

anyway, ever since i started wearing pants that touched the ground, i noticed that my left pantleg gets all ripped up at the bottom. the right pantleg? not so much.

and i don't walk all that irregular, so i am coming to believe that my right leg is shorter than my left leg.

that's pretty much the thrilling conclusion i was trying to get to.

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