2002-01-27 - 10:51 a.m.

dear diary

perhaps i should quit you mr. diary, so that i'll ignore potential misadventures and stay home and study some more so i can beat up people who are mean to my friends with my "look up in the sky it's a bird it's a plane no it's my scores" scores.

there are people who say "what you're doing is admirable, you filler of thounsands of bubbles with no. 2 pencils" and i do not understand, because it's not exactly 'admirable' to me. it is a thing to be done, like many other things that are to be done. and like all things, people like to do things well.

it is a game that is to be taken seriously by those who wish to gain shiny things and the small self-glory that comes with knowing that johnny cash extemporaneously sang an affectionately dirty version of "I Walk the Line" for his wife before going onstage at Grand Ol' Opry, and knowing that toulouse lautrec died at age 37, probably of severe alcoholism and syphilis.

so i am doing it for the art and the music and literature (and as much as i love mike, i wanted to get the gold for langlit, but hey at least he got gold and not someone else) and dammit the other subjects will follow.

p.s. yay for speaking-with-sincerity-no-i-mean-real-sincerity points.

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