2001-11-18 - 1:28 a.m.

today = my first half hour of Episode IV. i'm not even close to finishing the trilogy, which is nice because i have something good to slowly consume.

and alka alka alka line trio. it was a bit weird seeing them in a school auditorium; it felt like a spelling bee should have taken place in between songs. but oh it was nice. beforehand, we got together sandwiches and apples for katie and liz and anniegirl, and cookies too except i smushed them when i got dizzy and fell while running to the car for the show. i'd be more embarrassed about it if i didn't think it was human and i suppose entertaining for elijah because he got to watch me fall.

fog (which is ridiculously easy for me to mistype as "god") along the stonedup lakefront where i couldn't tell if the tide was going in or out, and lots of ice cream and cartoons. it'd be so nice to just fall asleep afterwards, but no, i have to be taken to the house with all my stuff in it instead .

oh fog, can't you go away for the meteor shower and come back a few minutes later?

i have things to say, but not really. it's all just slide.

remember when it was just BAM?

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