2002-01-13 - 11:32 a.m.

i don't really know how to walk anymore. i think there was a time i used to know, but times they are a'changing. staircases are sort of scary now. my feet can't find where staircases begin or end, so i teeter on steps that are brethren to each other, like i might come tumbling down.

and i have another picture-thing in the works. this one will probably suck lots because i dont have any sort of nifty expensive camera, not that i know how to navigate the workings of such shiny things for pretty lighting and stuff in the first place. but yeah, i'm going to take pictures of select individual cement sidewalk squares. they look like canvases to me, the way the leaves and trash and gumspots and people's finger letterings combine to create natural compositions.

i spent a lot of last evening reading clockwork orange out loud in the dark, in front of a videocamera set on nightvision, switching paragraphs back and forth with al. the best parts were when we fell in love with the camera and made funny faces to it. i don't think i'll ever get accustomed to visual/audio recordings of myself. too disorienting and brings about too many useless "this is how people see me?" questions.

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