2005-02-16 - 2:59 p.m.

i was walking around listening to my new mp3 player today (thanks, richard) and remembered an exchange that took place a day before i left chicago:

klara: do you know the cartoon Hamtaro?
al: yeah
klara: well, whenever i was sad i had him tell me a story about Bacontaro. i'd usually give him a topic too, like Bacontaro finding his biological mother or something.
al: klara, you need to date weird guys.

and he meant that in a factual way. that people have certain innate requirements of their partners, and that one of my major requirements is that he be weird enough to unquestioningly make up ridiculous stories about a fat hamster.

(i like to think there's a little bit more to it than that. for example, you have to be funny for the story to work and you have to be nice to even tell a story in the first place.)

also, the cult of Bacontaro has its own canon to follow: Bacontaro is really big. Bacontaro likes bacon. hearing a story a hamster makes my world seem smaller and more complete. and the hamster simply happens to be really ... large.

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