2004-02-05 - 8:57 p.m.

i am in an entomology class. on wednesdays, i will do things like

+ taste different kinds of honey
+ batik my own fabric
+ eat grasshoppers and crickets

(i love you sometimes, college!!!)

(sorry, grasshoppers!!!)

yesterday we took a field trip to the museum and i stared at wallfuls of butterflies, beetles, and wasps. the most beautiful blue butterflies come from honduras and are kept afloat on thin little pins inside cigarbox-like boxes.

(they are taken care of by a man in a funny geometric sweater who studies aphids.)

orchid bees are brilliant greens, blues, and purples (sometimes reds and golds) under my backlit microscope.

i love the orchid bee, the orchid bee. i love the orchid bee, and the orchid bee loves me. kind of.

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