2008-08-06 - 3:19 p.m.

11:15:01 PM: and there are scenes where everyone tries to put other pets on her head
11:15:04 PM: like a panda
11:15:08 PM: and a goldfish

11:15:55 PM: that sounds like the life i have always wished to lead
11:16:00 PM: or maybe it just mirrors the one i have
11:16:04 PM: where people try to be nice to me
11:16:05 PM: and it doesn't work

11:16:13 PM: yeah i thought of you when i saw it
11:16:20 PM: i guess partly because of that
11:16:30 PM: but she gets better when the chicken comes back!

11:16:38 PM: so
11:16:42 PM: i just need my chicken to come back

11:16:47 PM: more like
11:16:51 PM: you need to find your chicken
11:16:55 PM: and then put it on your head
11:16:56 PM: and then
11:17:01 PM: don't let it go

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