2002-09-25 - 10:45 p.m.

tonight i gave a cookie to steve because i really couldn't write a band review for him, then i accidentally smelled a guy who passed by me (it felt odd, as though i shouldn't be able to smell someone i don't know), and before that i visited jake for what felt like would be the last time this schoolyear. i realized about halfway into our sandman-invisibles swapping (a few weeks ago?) that despite our closeness of proximity to each other, trading comics is/was our only active link to each other. and that's okay, isn't it? it's something i shouldn't bother being bothered by. i mean, i think fred's a nice guy and it's not like i would ever bitch about only seeing him while ren's around. there's obviously a couple things starkly missing from that analogy but ... it's still analgous.

and babbitt's books is a cool place. i want to work there, because it's the selling of old dirty and organized-in-its-own-way books. it's empty and quiet and makes me feel tiptoe-happy.

my english teacher is funny when he gets excited. we were reading that wordsworth poem that describes the sun 'steeping' into buildings and ships and such, and he went to the blackboard and drew a mug with a teabag and little ships inside after proclaiming wordsworth's metaphor to be "so fucking cool."

i want a chessboard. i don't exactly have anyone to play it with, but ....... ok, no chessboard for me. oh yeah, i want(ed) a chessboard because i had a fun game with abe a few days ago. i can't even really remember what happened but it was silly and therefore good. every once in a while i talk to him and i re-realize how very wonderful he is. it's the same thing with a lot of people who i'm not entirely close to, where i have a bursting affection despite trouble maintaining simple things such as eye contact or well-streamed conversation.

diaryland, you're a strange one. with big dips and such. and sometimes there is ice cream.

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