2004-02-17 - 8:59 p.m.

teachers always tell me that flat characters don't mean badly written characters but i've always thought of it that way, kind of like how the yin part of yin and yang is evil* (also, feminine).

but i'm past that now. as a consumer, i demand more than just round, 3-dimensional characters. i want my fiction to have motherfucking FOUR dimensions. i want my crap post-modern and meta. tone and dialogue and time and space and shit! somewhere in between faulkner and stephenson and maybe even c.s. lewis, there is a nicely tweaked Middle Path to the kind of book i'd like to read.

it would be like FLCL! actually, i think i just want everything in my life to remind me of FLCL.

* in Jackie Chan Adventures, oldskoolah Uncle explains to Jade that Yin Jackie is not Evil Jackie, but small Jade understood this not.

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