2006-12-08 - 2:37 p.m.

My blankets are very soft. I've been lying in between them (the blue flowered one folded below, the fluffy purple one on top) trying to figure out what I still enjoy doing and what would be some good things to do. So far I have figured out that I haven't played any new video games in a while, still bake things to some degree of success (though I predict there shall soon be diminishing returns), and take long showers daily. So far, the showers are some of the bigger highlights of my week. Some lower part of my brain wants to have pretty clothes and go see nice movies, though the higher parts say it's because I enjoy beautifully made things and want to talk about the movies afterwards. I think I need a list of movies to watch, and then I will rent them. It is probably better than watching music videos and America's Next Top Model on YouTube while sitting in a chair that hurts my back.

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