2002-07-09 - 8:18 p.m.

ATTN: the average color of the universe is the COLOR OF BORING SCHOOL HALLWAYS EVERYWHERE.

i didn't sleep last night either. i guess i'll be all fixed up by the time first semester rolls around -- i'm too scared not to be ready.

and i don't really know how to write about this part. i am happy, and i can definitely say it's not in spite of myself at all. and i wish i could find a way of saying it that didn't resemble a soundbyte, because this way sucks.

i need something to read. then again, i probably shouldn't be meandering as much as i used to. not at this point in time. i'm supposed to be thinking of a career and all that. i have the feeling that i have a lot open to me right now. if i had my way, i'd probably write children's books, but i don't have the focus for it. maybe one day i'll be disciplined enough to be a more-than-just-clever writer, but until then i think i want to be a teacher for high school kids. because more than anything else, i have booksmarts. and i should teach what i know, right?

did you know that when a paragraph is compromised of one sentence, it looks dramatic and important?

look at this knowledge that i must pass on to children everywhere.

look upon it and tremble.

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