2003-06-14 - 11:53 p.m.


(tummy filled with a green tea float)

the graduation ceremony is likely to be extremely boring but i'm sure richard won't mind if i read ovid while the happenings are happening.

also, i wish my relatives would stop asking and asking about eyelid surgery. they keep on using the argument that "everyone does it" and ... it'll make me look soooooo pretty. by the end of it i was so inwardly frazzled that i smiled at my dad and secretly squeezed the fuck out of my brother's knee under the table.

ah well, at least they only ask my brother about having a significant other (hahaww).

so far the trip has only been depressing when i've been by myself. i am under the impression that i have about 12,000 more revelations to go before i am happy as a person. something like that.

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