2011-06-27 - 7:12 p.m.

Seven CSA weeks, seven tweets:

this week i made bacon-wrapped asparagus w/bruschetta, quinoa & carrot pilaf with greens, and a kohlrabi & grapefruit slaw. thanks, #csa!

this week i had seared kohlrabi, carrots sauteed in beer, fettucine w/chard & onion, roasted delicata squash, and some other stuff! thx #csa

this week = spinach risotto, strawberry shortcake, fava bean hummus, carrot yogurt soup, and potato scallion curry. thanks #csa

thx #csa for strawberry smoothies, artichokes, broccoli pasta, peanut stew w/chard, burritos w/spigarello & new potatoes, dill carrot salad

#csa dinner tonight = spinach sauteed in butter with parmesan, carmelized cauliflower, stuffed artichokes braised in wine.

#csa: fried rice last night, pickled tarragon carrots this morning. non-csa: about to make a beef and quinoa meatloaf.

#csa cooking this week was strawberry summer cake, mashed potatoes w/sorrel, spiced cauliflower + peas, baked fennel, & pickled green beans!

I wonder how long we'll keep going. I'm getting more used to all this cooking. Going a full season would be great because then I'd get a feeling for what a year of fresh vegetables is like in this area.

Life will change. I should try to enjoy this. Like in that article about old dogs.

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