2002-06-15 - some what late

i wrote a song for Pierogi the dog:

i like you
because you are a dog
and you are not smog
which is bad for people in Mexico City.

and back when i was in high school (past tense to the intense!), there was this girl named Alex who walked up to me in the hallway and meant to poke me in the nose but she picked it instead.

summer has come and i hate every job i come across. so as i half-heartedly search for a new one, i play the sims a lot. my family is Violetta Rockstar Aterciopelados and Rodrigo Manly. Rodrigo stays home all the time and cooks Violetta her din-din. which reminds me, i need to make dinner with annie and learn to knit with maria. so maria or annie besta read this and hook a girl up :)

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