2004-03-31 - 4:51 p.m.

at the bee research facility today, we watched a lady in a beesuit poking around the swarms of all female worker bees. a guy asked "so who gets to have sex with the queen?"

oh, boys and their guffawing.

she answered that the drones are fed by the females and mate with the queen. "some things never change." cue laughter.

but what she DIDN'T tell them is that they're kicked out of the hive in the fall because the queen is all like "i don't care if you my babydaddy, you don't do any work around here" and then the BOY BEES DIE OF COLD AND STARVATION.

how do you like THAT, mr. drone?

"i don't care for it," said mr. drone sadly.

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