2009-11-14 - 10:27 p.m.

I can make rice now, without a rice cooker. Quinoa, even. I can roast red peppers and puree it for soup. Meatloaf. Makeshift kimchi jigae I would only serve to myself. Italian food. Slice up a pumpkin and make a risotto. One weird lemony paella. Perfect fried eggs served with cholula. Banana bread muffins cut into halves like bagels and served with honey in the first one, cream cheese on the second, and nutella on the third. I know persimmons must be mottled and soft, otherwise they taste like nothing.

Sometimes I follow recipes for foods I've never eaten, they are words in books you've never pronounced that come to life when they hit your tongue. Salads with rice and creamy dressing. Goat cheese and honey on toasted bread. The list goes on and on in small ways.

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