2010-02-20 - 4:47 a.m.

1. You're my sci-fi movie apocalypse. Robot wars of biblical proportions have nothing on you. Constantly readying myself for the day you make my life into "How to Say Goodbye" and it's the only romantic thing left in my misaligned heart. Landscapes and tectonic plates, sitting in your room and watching Jóga. (Please don't think me stupid or misinformed.)

2. Miss Practical Side is a totalitarian leader and she is the part of me that's crying right now. If I could enter her in a marriage with my other, equally horrorstruck parts, could they hold and comfort each other? Like whatsherface from Dollhouse at the end of the series. (It was like Joss Whedon looked into my heart and made a super cheesy show about it.)

3. I know why things are the way they are. I know we did what's good for us in terms of reaching our life goals. I like that about you and about me. Huh. Never before have I felt like a badass hero chick, the kind who gets shit done and has no time for love.

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