2002-02-28 - 6:41 a.m.

so i was really cold this morning.

ever the problem solver, i drank some tea. chamomile, which i used to hate (abhor, even, since chamomile is such a slut). but then the tea stopped being hot. plus my hands were really cold and dry. so i dunked my hands into this rather large mug of warmish tea.

it worked. and now my hands may benefit from the epidermal skin softening provided by tea leaves? an ancient asian art, to be sure.

well, burt wolf did once tell me (personally, because he's the wilson to my tim allen) that people pour leftover tea on restaurant tables as a cheap and easy cleanser.

i told you chamomile's a slut.

back around the impressionist days of france, japanese tea would be packed with prints, so people would collect the packaging.

i wish i could find art with my tea.

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