2002-12-16 - 3:13 p.m.

dear everyone, the new term for "i love/heart/<3/less-than-three you" is "i lovenmitt you."

dear diary, lately i have been afraid of single-handed human contact, the sort where it's just you and one other person (the new sort). i like my new friends but i like us to come in packs of three or more, i don't know why (yes i do, i am afraid of failed intimacy).

when i am only with you, it is a group of less than three (we're all hearts when we are younger than three). and there are those of you who know what that means. i'm just waiting for the day i can tell someone with certainty "you are my Track 10," because i used to believe that track 10 of a CD was its best track.

and here is me being nineteen and hopeful about a lot of things, like having a small apartment with old furniture and friends that like to rent movies with me.

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