2002-03-20 - 7:38 a.m.


tracks 25 and 26: define diary
SmarterChild: Sorry, I couldn't find any information in the dictionary about diary.

one. it makes me sad when my mother watches a lot of television. she watches that show where you stop people on the street and guess whether or not they know answers to "obvious" trivia questions. she also watches suddenly susan starring brooke shields. she says she watches tv because her eyes are tired and she can't read books or it'll hurt.

two. your memory can be too good. too bad you don't use it to write well.

three. if you get into reed, you're going to reed. and that's that.

last. the more i think about it, the more fun mixed media is. my instinct or whatever it is inside me says i'm not inherently talented but i do have an immense fondness for it now more than ever, and i'm gonna have fun with the sculpture project.

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