2003-12-24 - 12:46 a.m.

yesterday, i ran into this lady i met about a year ago at precisely the same location inside the village discount on lawrence (i.e., by the crappy old andy williams records). she's the same weird, giggly old lady i met before. she's fanciful and sweet so you can make really, really lame jokes with her about cat mermaids!

in my noggin, i try to picture her with a very serious look on her face. perhaps she is doing her taxes or someone is telling her bad news about her second mortgage. it is enormously difficult to imagine her working on such tasks rather than frolicking in a field somewhere, but i'm guessing she does lots of grownup things when i am not looking.

(in my fantasy world, she is arguing with her exhusband or standing in line waiting to buy doritos)

next time i see her, i'll ask her what line of work she is/was in. and if she says "i am the office unicorn!" i'll be able to combine my mundane daydreams with the awesome reality.

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