2006-03-18 - 10:30 a.m.

Entomology Lab Usefulness Episode #5934:

I tried to pour the honey onto my cereal, but it sat in a dark mass at the bottom of the container. Grainy and weird. It must've solidified on a cold night. Plus, wildflower honey's sucrose/fructose/glucose ratio is more prone to crystallization than a regular clover honey.

That's when I remembered that honey crystallization can be combatted with a heated water bath! When we heated a jar of generic honey during lab, the plastic melted. So I used chopsticks to keep it from banging the sides of the pot.

The feeling I had while watching it slowly desolidify was probably the most happy and content I've felt all week.

Epilogue: Um, I should have looked up the process before diving into it. Turns out one should never heat the water above a certain temperature or it'll rob the stuff of its flavor. I guess that's why they sell "raw" (unpasteurized) honey. I am sorry, little honey jar. But I'll still pour you over my fake cheerios.

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