2002-07-11 - 3:16 a.m.

ahem: "and kitty kitty cat, skinny neck hex, heads hang heavy"

so while i'm waiting for sandy to come pick me up tonight, i hear this meow. it was so loud and sudden that i said "sandy?" because i briefly thought that perhaps she snuck into the bushes to frighten me. that would have been great but it was a cat instead.

it's such a cute cat, and strangely creepily friendly (this is no loner cat. it's the social butterfly cat. buttercat. okay, its name is now Butter since it's sort of buttery looking ... hey i don't know if i like that name. never mind then. crazy humans and their naming things).

i warily petted the cat and ask if it's just trying to steal my wallet. it purred in response. that is a no.

sandy picked me up and we searched for Five Alive in vain. but i bought grapes and strawberries, plus that chocolate shell stuff for ice cream. she taught me how to turn a pillowcase into a skirt (i.e., did it for me as i watched carefully for next time).

the cat was still there when i returned from Adventures With Sandy (the cat is now named Kira Fredernick, because Kira Frederick just IMed me and "Fredernick" sounds nice). i introduced sandy to the cat and i think there were some real friendships forged here.

never have i seen such a happy cat. it reminded me of a little kid, with big eyes and attention deficit disorder and maybe some fleas, too. i don't want to question the cat's happiness. why can't it just be happy?

the cutest thing about Kira Cat is that she (he? i think it was a she but it was dark out) sits inside the flowerpot (it's more like a box but it functions as a pot) near my front door. it looks really funny.

i did something kind of stupid. i put out some water for it to drink, which might make it stay by my house for more than just tonight. i guess i'm going to have to look through lost cat ads in the papers. or can i just give it to a shelter and hope that its possible owner calls it? bah, we'll see.

hey, remember i put lyrics up in the beginning and the words 'kitty cat' were in it? that's because this entry's about a cat! yeah!

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