2002-01-03 - 3:17 p.m.

i went through three of my yearbooks because a guy at school killed himself and i wanted to see his picture. i supposed it wouldn't matter whether i saw what he looked like or not, but it did. it turns out i knew this guy a small bit. he sat in front of me for health class in freshman year. he kind of made fun of me sometimes and i'd get mad. he was really agressiveseeming, but that was freshman year, and i am pretty sure what i saw of him wasn't all of him anyway. my friend lina got along with him, i couldn't. it was too abrasive, the conversations betweenus.

and it's odd knowing that a guy i used to do my physics with is in jail now. it's not a serious offense on his part (comparatively) but it's still new to me.

ren's older pictures show her with short hair. i can barely remember that. i saw some of elijah's pictures and i smiled. mine made me make faces. and i saw pictures of girls i used to see around school who made me go "wow, she's really pretty" (christina and brianna and curlyhair jackie).

i read the messages that people have left me. they're so goofy. and they represent people i used to know, because none of them exist anymore. everybody's evolved or something. and that's not so bad.

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