2001-06-30 - 811 pm

today i went to SpaceTime Tanks with my friend jake to see what its like to be in a sensory deprivation tank.

things i learned:

1 highly concentrated salt in your eyes is BAD.

2 also, it tastes bitter and unsaltlike.

3 it's just like those 5 minutes before you fall asleep, where you think lots and lots ... except .. more expensive.

4 darkness is lovely.

5 the surface of the water feels like home.

6 i could clearly hear my heart beat.

7 my tummy floated above the water.

8 i could hear my eyes blink.

9 i didnt hallucinate, but i saw a boy from the corner of my eye. he was little and standing in the blue. and he said "find your earth." and that's when i let go of it.

end list.

jake and abe are good peoples. i think the highlight of the day was talking about how guys honk at women on the street, and how funny it would be if an amish guy did that while driving his horse and buggy.

*clop clop*

"hey there pretty lady .."

*clop clop*

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