2004-03-02 - 10:38 p.m.

one: "... This turns out to be not a random list at all, but a way of conceptualizing the complicated workings of race, class, and gender, the names we give to the ensemble of social relations that create inequalities ... Such a conceptualization asks that we constantly move within and between furniture without memories and Racism and Capitalism. It asks us to move analytically between that sad and sunken couch that sags in just that place where an unrememberable past and an unimaginable future force us to sit day after day and the conceptual abstractions because everything of significance happens there among the inert furniture and the monumental social architecture." (Gordon, Ghostly Matters.)

two: "Furniture has no say in life. It was made to be used by people. How many times have you felt like a bookcase sitting in living room gathering dust full of thought already written?" (Fugazi, Furniture.)

three: Adam got a couch today! And a recliner. And a regular chair. And an ottoman. Ottomans are like the babies of couches and chairs.

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