2002-08-03 - 12:12 a.m.

to start things off on a happier note, seeing as how the rest of it is sadder than an octopus with one arm that just swims in a circle and gets poked a lot:

here is an award-winning haiku by my best friend:

hi mr. johnson
can i have a banana?
ow stop hitting me

my best friend left for l.a. today.

he took the two alarm clocks i gave him: the dancing robot and the alarm ball. he will never be late for work, as soon as he finds his first job (hopefully as a video store clerk or a jewel florist or a guy that waits tables at a sushi place and secretly steals sushi sometimes).

and i got to keep his big letter stickers, the sort people use for posterboard presentations, like "THE EFFECT OF CAFFEINE ON DAPHNIA" and such.

the rest of my summer is blank because i don't have automatic plans to see him anymore. and i already miss him so much because i love him and some of my favorite times from the past three years revolve entirely around him.

plus, he does this funny dance where one arm hangs raised and the other is down and wiggled and then you put your head down and bounce as you walk.

oh i can't explain it.

i don't want to spend the rest of my summer moping and crying but i don't feel like leaving my house. hello, final fantasy three, and hello sewing crappily because i don't have a sewing machine and i am lazy. and i'm reading the great gatsby. yeah.

i was going to eat something but then i saw the food his mom gave me and i just started crying.

diaryland, i'm yours again. i seem to like writing about missing people.

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