2001-12-07 - 6:47 p.m.

thinking about kissing can be better than the act of kissing (with all its imaginative ways, in its expectations and waiting and craving) but thinking of loving could never surpass the act of loving.

un/sent letter:
i think there is some wisdom
embedded in people's bones
and hopefully some love deep in
people's veins (that last part
about veins was stolen, i'm sure of it)
and that would explain how i like to view
a certain few and you that i have haphazardly
known (somewhat). ever, klara.

how can anyone lie?

i already know the answer to that one.

but how can people lie so much about themselves in their words and actions that their whole lives become lies?

it's quite possible that there is no one who can live untrue to the self and no one's life is a lie and everything is the only way it could be, in all its glories and unglories.

i feel as though i have not reclined in days. sleep has jilted me, my crazy lover.

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