2001-10-22 - 5:34 p.m.

one year and some hours ago, i felt like this.

dear diary, today i had Some Sort of Adventure.

third period, me and al cut our eastern philosophy class to go to Jewel (tangent: yes, i go to Jewel a lot, and i really wish i could do my own tv show, because then i would have the school hangout be Jewel instead of a burger joint or what have you, and if the show was a success, it would quite possibly then become the place to be and kids would be like "hey chad" and chad the store manager would go "hey kids").

after dancing to madonna in the soy milk aisle, we bought chocolate reddi-whip (2 cans for $5!), grits, and conditioner for my hair. then we drew whipped cream smileys on the school lawn and did yoga.

oh yeah, and i sewed a rectangle of ultrasoft felt to the inside corner of al's shirt, so now he can touch the corner when he's bored.

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