2010-01-11 - 7:24 a.m.

Feeling nostalgic about television. We didn't spend the money on cable when I was a kid, so these were the channels we had:

2 CBS - Sisters, Walker Texas Ranger, other shows I did not watch
5 NBC - Sitcoms, talk shows
9 WGN - Reruns of old TGIF shows, the morning news weather guy with the 'stache, old movies on weekends
20 Was this the Korean channel, KBS? The one that played music videos at night? Augh, I can't remember.
26 WB - Sunday morning cartoons
32 FOX - Watching That 70s Show while talking to Lina on the phone, Simpsons, Mad TV
50 UPN - 50 used to be something else and then it became UPN, and apparently Wikipedia says it's CW now. Ah yes, it had Buffy.
60 - home shopping network
66 - univision? sabado gigante, etc.

It's morning and I'm writing this down because it might be nice to read one day.

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