2003-10-05 - 2:49 a.m.

i had fun tonight. there was nice-in-every-way indian food and we practiced different types of screams while sitting in a circle on the grass. julie and i decided to pass a bill for something obvious and slyly throw in "also, there should be more screaming."

julie has very pretty ears but she left her wallet on the bus. fifty minutes later, the kind bus driver got it back to us and accepted a pink starburst.

we saw the starlight mints(!) i don't know where my state ID went, and the bouncer said i needed something with my date of birth on it. after scouring my wallet (plane ticket stubs, cta cards, mileage plus card), i got in with my immunization records.

gio is that goofy guy at a show with more rhythm and/or style. one day we'll ask to dance onstage alongside the band, and maybe i won't feel stupid in the least about annoying the placid n tacit crowd with my ungenteel behavior.

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