2003-01-06 - 4:55 p.m.

some things i have seen so far in thailand:

- my first telephone booth
- my first oceanfront
- a dead jellyfish with a straw in it
- more germans than i have ever seen before
- a tiny monkey in a pink crocheted sweater
- many 7-11s and "scary thai king prince guy" pictures
- Drive Me Crazy in the hotelroom
- japan, which i didn't really see in thailand but i saw it and i was like "hey i'm in japan! hey that sign reminds me of evangelio--- oh shit i'm not in japan anymore"
- thai clothes that do not fit me because i'm a medium in the U.S. and an XXL in thailand, which i definitely do not like because clothes are so cheap and oddish here.
- a sad baby elephant walking amongst bangkok's pedestrians
- a pbs dead sea special on vhs
- sandy's aunt's elvis shrine ("el-VEES!")

every once in a while i look up and think "hey, i should appreciate this" because it's warm and there's coconut trees and ... more coconut trees." because there really are a lot of coconut trees.

i'm not talking much, and i hope sandy doesn't mind.
also, we buried a treasure and gave the directions to her cousin.

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