2001-06-22 - 952 pm

i havent felt so immersed in uberkoreanness for quite a longass time.

i had dinner at Il Song Jung with my dad, aunt, uncle and his new wife, and my grandma. they kept looking at my teeth and staring at me like i was a horse they were inspecting.

my dad wants me to get cosmetic surgery done so that i get a double eyelid and look more western, i guess. that makes me shudder.

my new aunt is a nice girl. she's got lotsa fancy clothes as a result of nothing to do (just moved to chicago, no friends but lotsa cash). she says i could hang out with her and i could teach her english and she could teach me korean. man, that would be interesting to try ...

my older aunt kept putting food on my plate. she's pushy in several ways. one way is that she seems to insist that i know NO korean, tho really i can tell what people are saying. i can't respond, however.

my mom is always asking me if im hungry and if i already ate and if i want more and blah blah blah. and at the restaurant, everyone kept commenting on whether i had enuf kimchee or vegetables or not. it could be a sign of caring, tho im so goddamned wary. i just .. feel so sad about my family. so many weird childhood memories come round.

i got a lot of "hey, havent seen you in a while" money.


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