2001-07-14 - 1044 pm

i worked in the fitting rooms today. two girls snuck past me and i said "im sorry, the fitting rooms are closed because the store closes in two minutes."

she turned really red.

and then she started yelling at me, saying "what??? you're not going to let me try stuff on for TWO MINUTES?"

i looked over her shoulder and said "um ... i dont think you can try on 6 items in two minutes anyhow" which made her angrier.

the crazy girl in a catty voice: "you're not going to let me make a SALE? i'm leaving!" so she and her friend exited the store.

the alarm went off.

they dropped the clothes and ran.

uy. and it's finally hitting me ... how disgusting this is, the culture i am paid to help people buy. my job goes against whatever frail ideology i have against girls who buy rhinestoned tank tops with the word "cowgirl" on them as britney pop plays in the background somewhere.

but at least im not forced to wear a pink baseball tee that has the word "POPULAR" emblazoned across the front. i just have to help people try it on (btw, that wasnt a metaphor, the shirt really says that).

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