2004-04-20 - 8:44 p.m.

one day we'll invent robots who will work for us and other robots who will play for us.

it will dance the way I can't, beat zelda the way I can't, and blow bubbles with 500x more efficiency than me.

Conversation Held in Indeterminate Future:

me: friendbot, you're going to play f-zero while i play mariopaint. but at 4:00 we'll go outside and i'll watch you play soccer with the other kids' robots.

friendbot: YES KLARA.

me: thanks, friendbot. you're the best and i love you!

off we go, and alone in the corner is the sad robot who writes my papers and rusts when it does the dishes.

(how dishwashers do homework i still haven't figured out yet)

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