2001-11-03 - 3:58 p.m.

yesterday was plain old very much "hey" as i walked around with elijah on lincoln avenue and talked to the stranger-in-a-dumpster (he was a nice fellow and i wanted to learn more about him but sometimes it's even nicer when you don't). he helped us situate ourselves in joining the dumpster treasure hunt.

and i ended up with a piece of wood with a large jumping fish on it. not a real one, a picture of one. just as good though. oh yeah, and we also dug up this old record collection i'm curious about, seeing as how we have no clue what music is on them.

it's still weird to me, how sometimes days are all action no talk.

and it's not like being a machine at all.

oh. and i should have gone to the American Girl Place for halloween.

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