2006-01-12 - 1:04 a.m.

About two minutes ago I realized that the feeling I usually have is that I am "divorced" from things, all things, even though I am very much a single lady! Somehow, that warranted an exlamation point. The word "lady" usually does.

Also, I really REALLY like usage of the word 'pencil' as a verb and 'plum' as an adverb. "I am plum tired, so much so that I don't have the strength to pencil that in," said Lady Blessington to her lady friend.

And isn't it neat when spring seems to come early? The sun shines more deliberately then, which I think is because weather is the scheming type and takes sure pleasure in giving us snow flurries in October and hints of autumn in summer winds. Anyhow, the snow melts and then you are reintroduced to the society of once crinkly, fashionably colored leaves that are now a uniform sort of grayish brown, which were made soft over time (like heavily crumpled newsprint) while they lay sleeping under their now missing snow-blanket.

Writing in here is a strange feeling, like searching for something on Google and then finding a photo of your ex appear in the automatically produced image results at the top of the page. Unexpected yet familiar at all times! (I think the market price of exclamation points must have gone up because they are so very much okay again.)

I have a cool job now! Instead of bee allergies I have to worry about mold and dust allergies. Instead of killing bees, I poke about for dermestid beetle larval casings and frass. Think upon it, the 'coolness' inherent to insect poop.

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