2001-11-12 - 9:37 a.m.

right down to sweetfaced everybody.

triggy itcher finger

and all kinds of ironic, when you get what you think you seek and it's so much tamer as a result.

you and your smile that isn't as startling as they say.

there's something wholly red-blooded about this

hey so this is my first stream of consciousness in a while so let's see how i do minus the typos blasto frako vibrate shame swallow justice curl inwards to frame golden delicious apples from ow my stomach hurts to tilt up then pinball wizard go jump your bones to eternal bliss, ya see, and i'm trying so hard to get to the beautiful where my stomach won't be hurting and i guess it doesn't matter if someone is there or not, i just want hey wait i shouldn't want at all.

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