2001-11-28 - 8:09 p.m.

be unafraid, allelujah, be unafraid.

the human body really is amorphous as i picture how cells are tightly bound (like oldskool chinese foot binding only much more natural) but slough off so that by the time you die, your cells have been regenerated and replaced perhaps seven times over.

and people identify with their bodies, these cells, they're quite wondrous i must admit (and oh man i love my nerve beginnings and endings) but i feel bad when i hear about people who identify so much with combustible flesh, creating symbols like the boy who said that when you burn an american flag you are burning his freedom.

symbols are nice (my love is like a red, red rose) but please don't get all nathaniel hawthorne on my ass or i'll .. ok so i won't actually do anything (because it's not unforgivable).

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