2003-01-22 - 3:51 p.m.

alright, "who sent me that secret crush" email? i learned "Rule 23: Do not respond to secret crush email" in my early days of more hopeful adolescence.

was it you, canada andrew? i mean, it's almost TOO obvious to even consider you as the perpetra-tor. we had that time in paris/london/rome many years ago ... please forget me. hey, do you think maybe they can do a remake of Casablanca and use secret crush email? it'd be so cute.

and at first i was half-of-serious halfly kidding about not cutting my hair until my grandmother died.

then i was joking entirely becuase i was gravely considering a big chop off (o, to look like nancy from small stories online).

but NOW, friends and unfriends, that morbid thought has a higher probability of following through, for i am still in awe of the way my grandma plays with my hair.

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