2001-06-09 - 342 am

just got home from a lot of things.

got lost in the ghetto with laura, saw half my friends graduate from the balcony (ack! every 2 seconds i re-realize they're leaving and get sad), watched Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, and ate at a cafe where everyone was reeeal surprised when the bill turned into $70.

Too Much Light brought up some good points .. there was a play called Conjoined that i am fond of ... had to do with separation, and getting used to it, and inevitable if temporary (but then, everything's temporary anyhow) pain of awkward dissatisfaction.

im reading Memoirs of My Nervous Illness by daniel schreber. it's good stuff so far. i like the theory that craziness is actually just a person's way of trying to put a world back together. this creation of the mind doesnt need to be better than reality, it just has to explain it. and sometimes, you make up some pretty farout stuff to explain it all.

it's all distortion. all of it. i dont mean just the mentally ill people, i mean everyone's personal theories in relation to their own lives and suchlike.

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