2002-07-22 - 11:32 p.m.

qualms qualms qualms, i want to bike away from here

this is from my Childcraft: Mathemagic book, which i consider to be Pi the Movie for Kids:

The Greeks counted three, not one, as the first odd number. They thought of three and all other odd numbers as "boy" numbers. The even numbers were all girl numbers. For many people of long ago, three was a magical number. It stood for the three parts of life -- beginning, middle, and end. It stood for the three "kingdoms of the earth" -- animal, vegetable, and mineral. And magicians and witches usually worked in groups of three when casting their magical spells. The color of three is said to be yellow. Three is also said to belong to the star group called Gemini, or The Twins.

it's all very geogaddi. and i like the beginning of that bjork selmasong where she dances with bill. twinkly.

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