2001-06-21 - 835 am

my nose is runny cuz i was on the lawn of ravinia last nite for buddy guy.

i didnt know much of this "buddy guy" blues character (oh, the shame .. it burns!) but it was a nice time anyhow. some guy musta taken pity on us for having NO blanket(s), NO food (inna da pic-a-nic baskets!), or anything else for that matter and gave us his pavilion tickets as he left.

what an awesome guy, eh?

jeff seemed to be having the time of his life, cuz we went to the front and he got multiple guitar pics from mistah guy (and the lady next to him was steamed cuz she didnt get a single one). me and al just sorta stood around and let him have his fun .. i think we only went out of curiosity and a lack of anything better to do. that and the whole "broadening our horizons in terms of music" thing ... tho i can't imagine jeff being willing to subject himself to emo or techno :P

and i must agree with jeff now: buddy guy is pretty darn cool.

we went to my neighboorhood 24 hour diner, C&V's, afterwards (haha, the cook and waitress inside had looks on their faces like "you kids came here for food???"). al ordered grits but got something susupiciously like rice puddin. but we dont know if we've been had or not cuz none of us had ever had grits OR rice puddin. she also got our orders wrong and made our prices funny .. lowered funny ..

im on to that waitress lady ... *cocks an eyebrow*

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