2006-04-27 - 10:57 p.m.


1. I upgraded my shampoo. It is no longer $2. My hair got a lot prettier after just one wash, as if to thank me for finally paying it some attention. I will even pay for a haircut in a few weeks. Until then I'm pinning my bangs back, mimicking the healthiest portion of a 12 yr old anime girl aesthetic.

2. The last English paper I ever write will be about The God of Small Things, which seems fitting. I first read it during my freshman year of high school at the bookstore in the Loop.

3. I well up every time I watch the music video for Movie Script Ending. Then again, I have only watched it twice. Once 4 years ago, once today.

4. Being alive is alone and frustrating and I paw clumsily and briefly at the people around me. They move around like moths before I can open my mouth. You know, to let them in. Or something.

5. Salvation in the tight-lipped things I hope to achieve:

Step one is to finish my English paper.

Step two is to graduate.

Step three is to graduate again.

Step four is too much beyond me. It fills my head and then some, like the crazy afro from that avatar in Snowcrash.

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