2002-10-07 - 6:01 a.m.

if mr. tennison is right and we all hang out with certain people because we like who we are around those people, then it's possible for me to figure out what anyone thinks of me. i can tell when something i say has a twinge to it, marking it as catty or sweet or flat-out rambly (or .. um, strawberry!), so it's only natural to think that others around me can sense it too.

so i'm not going to bother asking anyone what they think of me, because i should be able to figure it out a lot of the time.

and for the millionth time, i'm so sick of ... well, i'm not keeping any secrets to myself, i seem to have lost all of them and now i can only remember past ones and say 'i remember how strong you used to be.' at the same time, i am doing fine, although i haven't written so much in so long, to people i care about and to myself.

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