2001-06-02 - 1119 pm

and all i wanted to do was go to a friggin art fair ..

went to the art fair as planned with sandy, nick, laura, and this dude jacob from wisconsin (fun peoples). lots of ... glass art. and more glass art. and glass jewelry! and after perusing a yard sale, we got in a small car accident ... it was a tiny scratch but the guy (a singer, he says) wanted to exchange info and stuff.

oh, and at olive garden, we said it was jacob's birthday (it wasnt) and had the staff sing and clap for us with a cake. good cake! then we went to nick's crib and watched fight club.

and then the trip home.

we were walking to a bus stop in rogers park. some guys asked us if we had some pot to sell. i said no, but jacob thought they were joking (cuz they were yelling at us from across the fucking street) and said yes out of sarcasm. the guys replied "dont talk shit to us, man! you wanna fight? there's 2 of you and 2 of us!" (which was dumb since there turned out to be 6 of them ... and they didnt include me or laura since we're girls and *gasp!* ::hand over mouth:: girls can't fight!).

it's amazing how clearly you can think in this sort of situation. kind of like how i had to fight (sort of) two weeks ago and i knew what to do. tonite i considered using my cell phone but who the hell would i call? and i had my hand on my bookbag in case i needed to take it off and help nick or jake by punching one of those losers in the face.

if i were a guy, they would have pulled shit on me for the things i said to em (such as "we love you too" and laughing they thought was directed to them ... which i spose it was, tho they couldnt be certain of that :P).

then they followed us.

one of them was nice. as we waited for the bus, he came up to us and told us to watch out cuz the rest of em were lookin for us.

we walked to a gas station to avoid em. the most obnoxious one followed us across the street ... and whacked jacob of wisconsin in the back of the head with a large stick (he's ok). nick said "we havent done anything to you" and the guy walked away and went to join his cohorts in an alley ... to fucking wait for us to come out of the gas station.

i mean, if he had gone beyond just one whack and tried to fight jacob i would have fought him, no qualms about it. i bet all of us would have.

nick's quite level-headed. i guess we all are. cuz no real fighting occurred. we just ended up getting rides home from nicks' mom.

if i were a few years younger, maybe even a year younger, i mite have really gotten scared. but ... i dont feel very angry. that's possibly a side-effect of having just watched fight club .. or just the general numbness ive been feeling for a while now.

i really liked the guy who tried to warn us. me and laura talked to him as we looked for a cab (no more bus for us!) and he told us to ignore his friends cuz we had nothing to apologize for.

laura wanted to give him something. i wanted to give him a pin shaped like two arrows i bought at the yardsale but i couldnt find it fast enuf.

i wish i could know that one guy better.

cuz he's evidence that assholes arent that prevalent.

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