2001-10-21 - 12:45 p.m.

sometimes i get worryish because i see ren/fred lookin worried when we're up to something fun (a la rave in rockford). so i'm sorry if i contributed to that worriedness by monopolizing al's company or annoying anyone with too many blinky lights. i'll try not to do it as much next time even though it's just what's fun for me, ya know?


it was just good.

and i dance far too silly, which is embarrassingly awesome until the morning after, when it's revealed to be just silly.

not that i won't dance like that again. actually, i don't think i know how to dance any other way.

it came very close to being as fun as the final sig transit gloria show. oh katie, i have to addict you to happy hardcore music so that you can come and dance all night with me (pssst, dl either Rush Hour from Vinylgroover or Take It From the Groove from DJ Midas and we'll see).

thanks for letting me love you.

crappity, how did i almost not write about the dance contest? i was asked if i wanted to be in the dance contest, so i said yes and became contestant #12. i mean, i really do believe that i suck in conventional terms, but holy sweet goddamn i am enthusiastic and crazy enough to rock the "=>" (yes, that's a house). not that i won or anything close to that (damn you fluid men, for liquiding so well!) but it feels good to just let go the way that i've finally learned to.

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