2001-07-22 - 334 pm

well shucks. today was not a good day to wake up.

first my friends are having lunch with their families so we can't play Oregon Trail (that game is the best there ever was). and then someone says un-nice things about me (like calling me "Satan on Earth).

it reminds me of how there's a bunch of girls at school that i KNOW are bitches, cuz i see them act like it. and yet, they're also nice, because i see them do nice things. to make them one-sided would be ... too much generalization.

in a weird way, this girl who basically said im an asshole is correct. cuz im definitely not nice all the time. no one is. everyone's got weakness. and i'd like to think everyone's got strength.

from an older entry:

i don't want to hate anyone. i see too much of myself in all of them.

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