2004-07-21 - 12:02 a.m.


1. my duct tape wallet got run over by a lawnmower and now my credit card is mangled. the panda panda and sig transit gloria pins are gone now. i'll have to look for them in the grass tomorrow.

2. there is sand in my shoes! like they went to the beach and forgot to tell me.

3. i have been dating adam for o'er a year now. OMFGF!

4. um ... bees! still! sometimes i paint them and sometimes i vacuum them and sometimes i homogenize their brains in sulfur.

5. and sometimes i go into the dark room with a little light on my head!

6. and madou something something is the cutest RPG for snes. like, "puyo~puyo!" and all that.

7. i'm making kimchi jigae tomorrow for my housemates! i hope it will not suck.

8. i can't wait to have a bee hive on my rooftop one day. the honey will taste like urban planning.

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