2002-01-07 - 10:49 p.m.

when i was quite a ways younger i noticed how the shadowlines of cars would zoom over my feet.

i did not like that.

to this day, i take care to lift my feet so that they will not be on the ground when the edges of car shadows drive by.


(my feet try not to be grounded at the /s).

this isn't a rule. i'm not troubled if i miss my cue. it isn't a terribly unhealthy thing to do. but sometimes i worry it could be a sign of a bigger tendency within myself to be stubborn about things of no real importance.

i like to think i've stopped being ridiculous about much of that recently, the kind of ridiculous that serves only to be annoying for people.

when i was about 4, i'd sit outside on the porch and think very hard "is anybody out there sitting and thinking too? if you are, then maybe you're a friend. wow, there must be a lot of friends that i'll never know. hi!"

and i still wonder if that's true. i wouldn't want to be unique in that respect.

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